Ulex® (the scientific name for gorse) is a registered trade mark. Through this brand it is intended to introduce a range of ground-breaking and innovative components.
Ulex® is the result of research and cooperation between various Portuguese universities and extensive field trials.
The skills and expertise of the backers of Ulex® lie in environmental concerns, for this reason the first products of the range are aimed at forestry maintenance.

Ulex Pro is a multipurpose cutting disc, completely maintenance free and offering exceptional working performance, based on the principal of centrifugal metal blades, which has many applications with heavy duty machinery in agriculture, forestry or roadside maintenance. 
With the introduction of a 375mm diameter disc and four self-sharpening blades, Ulex is the first company to offer an accessory which is both effective and safe for the demanding skilled operation of portable brush cutters.

To achieve this, Ulex has developed MOLTRAC® an innovative process using the application of continuous fibres to obtain composite materials with exceptional mechanical properties, but with controlled costs, which allows exotic fibres such as Kevlar® to be introduced into everyday products.
To further demonstrate this fact, Ulex has started to diversify the application of this process with an anti-projection protection concept, Ulex ProTec, to complement the disc.  This is made from glass fibre and Kevlar®, with a design only possible thanks to the MOLTRAC® process.


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